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Q08 Series Opposed Model 27988

Model Number: Q08 Series

Part Number: 27988

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Banner model Q08 emitters and receivers are very small, rugged, and powerful infrared opposed-mode (“through-beam”) sensor pairs contained within die-cast metal housings only 8-mm deep. Sensing range is 20". Q08 emitters and receivers are totally self-contained and are powered from 10 to 30V dc. Q08 opposed sensor pairs are ideal for sensing of parts on small conveyors and for other similar short-range opposed-mode sensing uses. The size of these powerful compact sensors makes them especially useful in applications with limited space. A synchronizing wire connecting the emitter and receiver “gates” the receiver to look for a light signal only during the instant when the emitter sends a light pulse from its infrared LED. This produces exceptionally high immunity to electrical noise and false signals. The modulated infrared sensing beam, along with polysulfone lenses on both the emitter and receiver, result in extremely high immunity to interference from visible ambient light. Model Q08 receivers have a solid-state output capable of switching loads of up to 150 mA dc, continuous. Four output types are offered: NPN sinking/light operate, NPN sinking/dark operate, PNP sourcing/light operate, and PNP sourcing/dark operate. See the table of available models on page 1. A light- operate output conducts when the receiver sees the emitter’s pulse-synchronized light source. A dark-operate output conducts when the receiver does not see the emitter’s pulse-synchronized light source. A green LED indicator on both the emitter and receiver units, visible from the front and left side of the sensor, lights whenever dc power is applied (see figure 1). A yellow LED (receiver units only), visible from the front and the right side of the receiver, lights whenever the receiver’s output circuit is conducting.

• Features EZ-BEAM technology, with specially designed optics and electronics for reliable sensing without adjustments
• Features an ultra-thin 8 mm housing of rugged die-cast metal
• Offers 10 to 30V dc supply voltage with NPN or PNP output, depending on model
• Available in dark- or light-operate models
• Available in opposed and diffuse sensing modes