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Processing Unit EC 100

Model Number: EC 100

Part Number: EC 100

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The processing unit EC 100 is continuously receiving the weights from the connected scales through the serial interface. If operated from a external power source it is charging the internal batteries as well as the batteries of the connected scales. The weights are stored and printed out by key stroke. The LCD‘s function is to guide the user through the program, as well as to show the actual weights. All stored data may be transferred to a personal computer for further processing. The editing of the text lines and the stored limits may be performed either using the keyboard or by file transfer from a personal computer.

Processing unit for wheel load scales for measuring wheel and axle loads as well as total weights of vehicles and airplanes

1...12 wheel load scales

Zero Taring:
Zero check by key stroke in unloaded condition of the scales

By key stroke with the vehicle on the scales

Calculation of overweights:
Editable limits for 100 types of vehicles

Tare and Net Weight:
Possibility of tare weight input. Net weight calculation and printout

By key stroke to store the results in the RAM and to operate the built in printer

Storing Capability:
300 vehicles

Data in- and output:
RS 232 C for scales and for data exchange with personal computer

Various forms, according to the option setting. Nine editable text lines

Power Supply:
DC: 12V
AC: 230V, 115V

Optional with integrated rechargeable batteries for 24h operation
Portable housing. Water and dust proof IP 54 (DIN 40050, IEC 144)